Re: Searching data: map countries to scripts

From: Otto Stolz <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 12:12:34 +0200

Hello Manuel,

am 2012-08-20 01:05, schrieb Manuel Strehl:
> I'm looking for a data source, that maps countries to scripts used in
> them. The target application is a visualization in the context of my
> site, namely
> At the moment I've extracted the prefered scripts from CLDR (e.g., Cyrl
> for Russia, Latn for Germany and so on).

One more source you could peruse is the Ethnologue

It contains a mapping from countries to languages:
Many languages are tagged with population and usage data;
in the “more information” section of any language,
usually the script is noted.

In many cases, the Ethnologue lists, as seperate
languages, what is normally considered as dialects.
For your project, this is not a major problem,
as the dialects normally use the same script as the
respective parent languages. Furtermore, the usage/
population data given for most languages will guide
you in the assessment of the relative significance
of the variaous languages, and associated scripts.

Good luck,
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