Re: Compiling a list of Semitic transliteration characters

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2012 15:37:57 -0700

> This is not about everyday language (which is irrelevant in this
> context) but about the language used in national standards.
> [...]
> Wouldn't you say that "lossy" and "lossless" are jargon terms? I think
> I would find it easier to explain to Joe Q. Public what
> "transliteration" and "transcription" mean that to explain those terms
> to him.

But "lossy" and "lossless" are jargon-only; while "transliteration" and
"transcription" might be less ambiguous as technical terms, they occur
in casual use as well, which is why one would need to more careful about
ambiguity there.

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