texteditors that can process and save in different encodings

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From: Stephan Stiller <stephan.stiller_at_gmail.com>
> Dear all,
> In your experience, what are the best (plaintext) texteditors or word
> processors for Linux / Mac OS X / Windows that have the ability to *save* in
> many different encodings?
> This question is more specific than asking which editors have the best
> knowledge of conversion tables for codepages (incl their different
> versions), which I'm interested in as well. There are a number of programs
> that appear to be able to *read* many different encodings – though I prefer
> the type that actually tells me about where format errors are when a file
> is loaded. Then, many editors that claim to be able to read all those
> encodings cannot *display* them; as for that, I don't care about font
> choice and the aesthetics of display, as I'm only interested in plaintext.
> Some things I have seen that are no good:
> - the editor not telling me about the encoding and line breaks it has
> detected and not letting me choose
> - the editor displaying a BOM in hex mode even if there is none (a
> version of UltraEdit I worked with at some point)
> Stephan

I've never fully explored the vagueries of its code page detection, but I use
Notepad++ notepad-plus-plus.org due to the ability to explicitly define Unix vs
Windows line breaks, BOM vs BOMless, and over 50 supported code pages and
encoding forms.

Van Anderson
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