Re: Some QR codes each encoding one Unicode character

From: William_J_G Overington <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 17:12:53 +0100 (BST)

Thank you for replying.

On Monday 8 October 2012, Curtis Clark <> wrote:

> Inasmuch as QR codes are already able to encode telephone numbers (at least in the US, and I have assumed in the rest of the world as well), I don't see any utility in this, since it would force the user to scan the codes in sequence. whereas a QR code containing a full number would only need to be scanned once, and in at least some phones and software, the scan would initiate dialing.

Thank you for the information about telephone numbers being encoded in QR codes and the way that some telephone and software combinations use them. I am learning in this area and did not, in fact, know about that previously.

A QR code containing a whole telephone number would indeed be useful and, if such a QR code is available for the particular telephone number to which the person wants to make a call, then using such a QR code for making that telephone call would be preferable to scanning individual QR codes each of which provides just one digit.

However, there may not be a previously prepared QR code readily available for the particular number that the person wants to call. If that is the case, then, for some people in some situations, scanning the individual digits one at a time from a collection of QR codes might be a useful facility.

Maybe the technology of having some QR codes each encoding one Unicode character could be usefully applied in a variety of situations for entering Unicode characters into computer systems.

For me, the idea is essentially theoretical at the present time, as I do not have a telephone that can scan a QR code and also I do not have the facilities, knowledge and skills to develop an app to make the idea work.

When I looked on the web some time ago I did not manage to find any references to QR codes containing just one Unicode character, so maybe, just maybe, I might have thought of a new idea that could be usefully applied.

William Overington

8 October 2012
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