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> Byzantine authors had a great penchant for ligatures. Although I do not
have expertise in Greek astrology, I do have some competence in
> other
aspects of Byzantine literature (including some familiarity with
manuscripts and inscriptions). Based on that experience, I feel I can
> safely say that any attempt to encode the four ligatures on the grounds
discussed here would be an invitation to encode a host of other
> Byzantine Greek ligatures (for example, the standard cruciform
invocative monograms: V. Laurent, La collection Orghidian [Paris, 1952],
 pl. > lxx).

> A formal proposal for these four ligatures would be premature.
One should first understand the entire culture of Byzantine ligation,
> determine what parts of that culture should be encoded, and which
Thanks for this info. What I found at Unicode concerns Latin ligatures:

--C. E.

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