Re: Missing geometric shapes

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 22:32:09 +0100

Comparative and superlatives are not comparable each other, so LOWER RATING
and UPPER RATING dos not mean it is lower or upper than a medum rating. I
would not accept these two meaningless names that are too much confusive,
unless they are used to denote NOT absulte ratings but comparative ratings
only (in which case there's only 3 levels: LOWER, SAME and UPPER; or
NEGATIVE, NULL and POSTIVE for the differences of absolute ratings).

For now we only have some WHITE and BLACK characters, for noting a binary
value (without saying which one is positive/true and which one is
negative/false), it does not encode either the absence of data (N/A),
meaning that it is not really binary but only dual, without any numeric
value associatable).

But for everything else about absolute ratings, it's illusory to start
encoding more numeric values : how many will be needed and used is endless
along at least two orthogonal axis of expansion : the choice of the base
character, and the number of values needed (plus their scale, i.e. their
minimum relative numeric difference, and the origin for counting, i.e. zero
or one).

If something gets encoded we should not associate a specific scale, and in
fact it would be highly preferable to use a normalized scale (e.g. in
percents), to preserve the flexibility of use with arbitrary scales: this
has been made for a few gray-filled BOX symbols (initially used in old
text-only terminals and old standards like IBM PC character sets for text
mode, and similar symbols of various terminals and older computers working
with monospaced fonts only).
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