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From: Kent Karlsson <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 01:20:20 +0100

Den 2012-11-11 23:08, skrev "Doug Ewell" <>:

> Personal opinions follow.
> It looks like the only actual use case we have, exemplified by the xkcd
> strip, is for a star with the left half black and the right half white.
> There *might* also be a case for the left-white, right-black star.
> Everything else, including one-quarter and three-quarter stars,

> rendering tomatoes or doughnuts or film reels as "glyph variants" of
> stars,

They should certainly **NOT** be treated as glyph variants of stars! Ever!

> facilitating a right-to-left rating system for Arabic- or
> Hebrew-speaking environments,

Naa. Recall that these symbols (whether of g.c. So or Sm)
have bidi category ON (other neutral). So a string of stars,
presumably starting with black stars (0 or more) and ending
in white stars (0 or more) with possibly a "half" star inbetween,
would automatically be "reversed" (displayed right to left) via
the bidi algorithm when they occur in a right-to-left context.
Getting the "half" star then get the "wrong half" of it be black
would be annoying at least...

> or turning Unicode into a standard for rating systems in general,

Here I agree. (Not sure why that branch of this tread is still ongoing...)

    /Kent K

> is a complete flight of fancy by comparison
> to Jörg's original post.
> I think in this case, as in many others, one introductory, exploratory
> proposal would be worth ten thousand speculative mailing-list posts.
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