Re: xkcd: LTR

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 21:24:20 +0100

No. Freetype is not involved here for the ugly rendering (on screen) under
Windows of the unhinted "CMU" font provided by the page. May be this looks
OK on Mac (if Safari is autohinting the font itself, despite the font is
not autohinted itself ; I'm not sure that Safari on MacOS processes TTF
fonts this way when they are not hinted, and I'm convinced that unhinted
fonts should not be autohinted "magically" by the renderer).

So using the xml:lang="en-Dsrt" pseudo-attribute remains a good suggestion
to allow a CSS stylesheet to avoid using referening CMU font on Windows and
MacOS when displaying the Latin text (using xml:lang="en") and to allow the
same stylesheet to specify a much better Deseret font for Windows (Segoe UI
is fine on Windows). There will still remain a problem for redering the
page in Linux (where FreeType is used and which is not authinting itself
the unhinted font, and where Segoe UI is not available) and in Windows
before Windows 7 (no Segoe UI font as well, you'll also need a hinted
version of the CMU font).

2012/11/27 Khaled Hosny <>

> Looks OK here, but that is probably FreeType doing its magic as usual.
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