From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 18:51:15 -0700

> So using the xml:lang="en-Dsrt" pseudo-attribute remains a good
> suggestion to allow a CSS stylesheet to avoid using referening CMU
> font on Windows and MacOS when displaying the Latin text (using
> xml:lang="en") and to allow the same stylesheet to specify a much
> better Deseret font for Windows (Segoe UI is fine on Windows).

Using proper language tags for this type of content is often a good
idea, whether it helps the rendering engine choose a font (as suggested
here), helps search engines do their job, or for any other purpose.

The rest of this thread, about HTML vs. XML and browser comparisons and
HTTP headers, has strayed quite far IMHO from anything having to do with

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