UCA and Russian letter Ё

From: Leo Broukhis <leob_at_mailcom.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 01:31:18 -0800

In Russian, the difference between Е and Ё is primary at the beginning
of a word as they are considered distinct letters of the alphabet, yet
secondary in the middle of a word, as the dieresis over Ё is not
mandatory. As an example, ель < ёлка, but тёлка < тель, see

A cursory scan of the UCA doesn't reveal if that's implementable, and
experiments in a fairly fresh Linux Mint yield either
ель < ёлка < тель < тёлка or ель < тель < тёлка < ёлка depending on
the LANG setting (en_US works better than ru_RU).

Could someone tell if the UCA in its current form is able to support that?

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