Re: When the reader enters the digital space for writing, he participates in the unending ballet between characters and glyphs

From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 18:56:58 +0200

2012-12-23 18:09, Karl Williamson wrote:

> As another poster said, this quotation
> would be considered fair use under USA law.

It was not a quotation but an excerpt posted without permission.
Quotations are allowed when they are needed to back up your statements
or specify what you are commenting on. There was nothing like that in
the posting (nothing that the poster himself had written), and such
behavior should be discouraged.

> The post uses only US-ASCII.

When posting something taken literally from a printed source, the source
should be reproduced as exactly as possible. It is surely reasonably to
expect that readers of the Unicode list can deal with Unicode encoded
email, even though email might not be completely Unicode safe in general.

> I do not believe that either the EM dash nor the miscapitalization of a
> word constitute "distorting the text", and I find it difficult to
> believe that Jukka really does either.

I do. Playing with scientific names of organisms without knowing their
writing rules is a common sign of bogosity, comparable to using names
that look like Unicode names of characters (instead of common names) but
aren’t correctly written.

> Therefore I believe that Jukka
> was not being honest in his response to the post;

You accused me of bullying, and now you are saying that I was dishonest.

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