Re: emulating keyboards with more keys

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 13:46:20 -0800

Hi Philippe –

Thanks, and I agree with most, but one thing:

The JIS keyboard has 4/5 more keys than the ISO/ANSI one, not just 1 more.
In the bottom row the extra keys are 無変換 (left of space) and 変換 and
カタカナ/ひらがな (right of space). I believe to remember that the ISO key between
left-shift and "Z" is moved to the right-hand side of the same row,
somewhere between "M" and right-shift (with the same scancode, but don't
quote me on this). But it's true that not all keys are equally important; I
think it was something between 0 and backspace that was missing, and I
forgot whether the other special keys in that area really have
ANSI/ISO-compatible scancodes.

About the numpad on laptops: For me the annoyance is that I currently have
a laptop where there is *no* numpad that can be Fn-enabled, so I literally
can't use special Alt+<numpad> input.

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