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From: Frédéric Grosshans <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 20:00:54 +0100

Le 22/01/2013 01:11, Andrés Sanhueza a écrit :
> I have wondered if it may be a good idea to make a proposal to an
> "spiral" character,
You might be interested by this 2011 thread on the mailing list, which
was about the way do encode symbols : . The
thread was fairly complete.

> basically because I believe is the only mayor symbol recurrently used
> for represent "swearing" in comics that's missing from Unicode. Most
> of the time it is replaced with the more common at (@), but still an
> actual one may be good. Not sure yet if there's enough documentation.
> Some Emoji representations displays the CYCLONE character (U+1F300) as
> one, yet I don't think that fits as a better replacement.
These kind of symbols are apparently called grawlixes in (see and ) and obscenicons
(see and ).

You have a nice discussion with samples here (which contains implicit
argument for plain text.) If you look at the sample, and to some google
search, you'll find that many obsenicons are encoded @#!?☠$⚹★☆💥⛤ but
not all.

Among the most common ones, the spiral, the saturn-like planet, the
empty asterisk are missing. They are included in some comics fonts, like
MarkerMan. ( , coded as {|}~) and
Potty Mouth ( ).

I think (at least) these three symbols could be encoded, if someone
takes the time to write a proper proposal.

By the way, there was a brief discussion in 2010 about others comics
specific characters (breath marks and crossbar I) , also
mentioned here and here and here

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