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From: Karl Pentzlin <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 23:10:52 +0100

Am Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013 um 01:11 schrieb Andrs Sanhueza:

AS> I have wondered if it may be a good idea to make a proposal to an
AS> "spiral" character, basically because I believe is the only mayor
AS> symbol recurrently used for represent "swearing" in comics that's
AS> missing from Unicode.

In 2011, I produced a proposal in which I tried to complete the set of
Comic symbols which went into Unicode with the Emoji set, based on the
fact that a confined set of such symbols is found regularly as part of
plain text contained in the speech balloons of comics.
This document, not surprising, contains the spiral (in fact, two
variants of it).
It is L2/11-288 "Proposal to encode additional Comic Style Symbols in
the UCS". It was not accepted at that time. As I consider other
projects where I am involved more important, I did no more work on
that subject since then. Especially, I did not submit it to SC2/WG2.
If you have no access to the L2 document list, you can find the
document at .

- Karl
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