Re: Long-term archiving of electronic text documents

From: James Cloos <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 11:01:26 -0500

>>>>> "WJGO" == William J G Overington <> writes:

WJGO> I was thinking about the problems of the long-term archiving of
WJGO> electronic text documents and thought of an idea. I wonder if I
WJGO> may please mention the idea here in the hope of there being a
WJGO> discussion so that an assessment of whether the idea is worth
WJGO> developing can be made.

Forward error correction (FEC) is an important tool for long term
archiving, but I suspect it is better done at a string or document
level than at the character level.

I'd suggest looking at tools like
and a windows implementation thereof at
for a tool for FEC.


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