Re: Case-folding dotted i

From: Joó Ádám <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 00:17:22 +0100

> What do you mean "no problem would arise"? ASCII would have been
> unimplementable if they had tried to insist that the dot be explicitly
> encoded.

Yes, this is why ASCII was a failure as an international character
encoding format.

> That whole view is putting Turkish and a couple minor cases
> over the rest of the users of the Latin alphabet, where i naturally
> uppercases to I, whether i be dotted or undotted.

How is it a challange to replace two characters with one?

> (Really; it's not
> common typography except in fi ligatures, but fancy fonts wouldn't
> hesitate to leave it out, and English speakers wouldn't miss a beat
> reading a text without dots over the eyes.)

Sorry, I lost context on this sentence.

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