Re: Word reversal from Abobe to Word

From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 13:50:50 +0200

2013-02-07 12:21, Raymond Mercier wrote:

> This problem is not precisely about Unicode - or is it?

Directionality of characters is a Unicode issue.

> If I have a Hebrew text displayed in Adobe Acrobat I can select part of
> it and can paste it into Word. The trouble is that while individual
> characters are correctly displayed the order is reversed.

Do you mean the commercial Adobe Acrobat software for creating PDF
documents, or the free Adobe Reader (previously called Adobe Acrobat
Reader) for viewing and printing (and commenting on) PDF documents?

> Thus if I have
> in Acrobat
> קודמ (meaning 'prior')
> when pasted into Word I get
> םדוק

Odd things may happen in copy and paste. I don’t have Adobe Acrobat, but
I played with your sample word, writing it in MS Word, saving as PDF,
and copying the word back to MS Word, when viewing the PDF document in a
PDF viewer. Using Adobe Reader, it got copied correctly, but using Foxit
Reader (the second most common free PDF viewer), its character order got
reversed. The same happens when pasting in a plain text editor.

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