Re: New Canonical Decompositions to Non-Starters

From: Richard Wordingham <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 20:32:55 +0000

Someone asked off-list if this query were related to a proposal. It is,
to Markus Scherer's L2/12-108. That has been added to the the list of
'stability' guarantees at 'Property
Value Stability', Version 2.1.0+. The redundantly retroactive version
number confused me - I thought it was an earlier stability guarantee.

Unfortunately, the proposed (and implemented) restriction was on the
decomposition mapping property, not on decompositions, so it would be
entirely possible for U+E4567 to have a canonical decomposition to
three non-starters, e.g. <U+0F71, U+0F72, U+E4568>. Such a character
would also foul up the technique of collating FCD strings without
normalisation by extended the set of collating elements, and would be
an even worse nuisance than U+0F73. (That's why I put it in the
loathsome plane!)

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