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From: Elbrecht <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 09:55:09 +0100

Hi -

the academical TITUS project occupied U+E000 thru U+EFFF of the Private Use Area,
and it is somewhat advisable to regard U+F000 thru U+F800 as Corporate Use Area.
I know this to be silent private agreement only - no official politics of Unicode at all!
So at least Apple takes U+F800 thru U+F8FF on my Mac OS X Mountain Lion - and
Adobe seems to be in from U+FD00 thru U+FEFF and MS from U+F000 thru U+F0FF…
Just try: "" — and see for yourself/your machine…


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On Feb 19, 2013, at 3:38 AM, Leslie Turriff <> wrote:

> On Monday 18 February 2013 07:43:00 Erkki I Kolehmainen wrote:
>> This looks quite clear to me. If I create something and somebody else uses
>> my creation in the intended context, he agrees to my definition. his
>> agreement is private, outside the standard, since the same code points may
>> represent a multitude of different meanings. It may also be the result of a
>> negotiating process within a special purpose user group.
>> Sincerely, Erkki
> Erkki,
> This appears to be one of those intercultural misunderstandings that may be
> difficult to grasp. To native users of english the term "private agreement"
> is commonly understood to imply "private formal contract," something which
> must be created before one can proceed.
> Perhaps the first paragraph of 16.5 should read something like:
> Private-use characters are assigned Unicode code points whose interpretation
> is not specified by this standard. Use of the private area code points may be
> determined by individuals for their own use (for experimentation or in
> non-shared documents) or by private agreement among cooperating users. These
> characters are designated for private use and do not have defined,
> interpretable semantics except by private agreement.
> This would make it clear that there is no need to obtain authorization from
> e.g. the Unicode Consortium to use private area code points.
> Leslie
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