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From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 08:21:42 -0800

I was trying to follow this:

> |So in this case, the imaginary newspapers made use of written forms
> |that they perhaps would not have used orally, if instead of newspapers
> |they had been Radio channels.
Expressivity of the written "dialects" of a language is different from
that of the spoken ones.

> |The general subject here is the fact that “outer“ things, such as the
> |(effect of the) “look“ of the language, affects on the “inner“ \
> |things,
> |namely how we use the language.
And sometimes orthography has an effect on spoken language. (This is
what was meant, right?) So far so good.

> Better fit for Germany would be »how we are supposed to use the
> language«, *though*.
> [...]
> A terrible motion in the german language is killing »evil words«
> from children's books.
Bowdlerization is not as common and traditionally not as prominently
discussed in Germany, though it's been done for Karl May for many
decades, so it's not like it's a new thing. Anyways, I certainly have no
intention to join such debates right now. But I find the connection to
Leif's point weak.

> »Graf
> Ortho« is soooo poor given that the german »Sesamstrasse« has
> a »Graf Zahl« (Lord Number)
That might be the reason for naming part of the website "Graf Ortho",
but what's the connection?
> Well, it may be easier
> for kids to overcome their inhibition level like that.
Are you saying that it's part of a plot to manipulate kids into
accepting our orthography, because you consider this a form of thought
control? (I don't follow.) What's the connection to political
correctness in German language usage?

> *In the seventies young girls thought on their own [2,3]*!
> And at the same time Germany has become the 3rd largest
> arms-exporting country. As a side note, the german garbage
> collection is called »Veolia«.
I didn't watch the longer video (and it's longer than 120s – what did
you mean by "120 seconds"?); it's something about shooting, but would
you mind summarizing what's supporting whatever you are arguing for? I
am not sure I can follow the discourse structure of your argument.

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