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 |>> Here is a minimal pair to illustrate that point:
 |>> Er hat in Moskau liebe Genossen.
 |>> Er hat in Moskau Liebe genossen.
 |>> which translates to:
 |>> At Moskow, he’s got dear comrades.
 |>> At Moskow, he has enjoyed love.
 |> A classical joke are those two newspaper header lines:
 |> Der Gefangene floh
 |> Der gefangene Floh
 |> which translates to
 |> The Prisoner Escaped
 |> The Caught Flea
 |So in this case, the imaginary newspapers made use of written forms
 |that they perhaps would not have used orally, if instead of newspapers
 |they had been Radio channels.
 |The general subject here is the fact that “outer“ things, such as the
 |(effect of the) “look“ of the language, affects on the “inner“ \
 |namely how we use the language.

Better fit for Germany would be »how we are supposed to use the
language«, *though*.
..Just because today it was announced that Otfried Preußler
( Preussler..) died (at the age of 89)..
A terrible motion in the german language is killing »evil words«
from children's books.
A few years ago Astrid Lindgrens »Pippi Langstrumpf« was forbidden
to use the word »Neger« (Negro), after a (i think long) trial
fought by the family. And a few weeks ago the word »Negerlein«
(minimization form of »Neger«) has been axed from Ottfried
Preußlers »Die kleine Hexe« (The Little Witch) [1, German].
That is, future generations will read clean books.
And the mentioned website may have good contents, but a »Graf
Ortho« is soooo poor given that the german »Sesamstrasse« has
a »Graf Zahl« (Lord Number) since decades. Well, it may be easier
for kids to overcome their inhibition level like that.
*In the seventies young girls thought on their own [2,3]*!
And at the same time Germany has become the 3rd largest
arms-exporting country. As a side note, the german garbage
collection is called »Veolia«.
For the clean-away in us.
Had to be said.


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