Re: Rendering Raised FULL STOP between Digits

From: Asmus Freytag <>
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2013 19:27:03 -0800

On 3/9/2013 5:47 PM, Philippe Verdy wrote:
> 2013/3/10 Asmus Freytag <>:
>> On 3/9/2013 3:41 PM, Philippe Verdy wrote:
>>> 2013/3/9 Asmus Freytag <>:
>>>> This appears to be another possible mistake. However, the Greek script
>>>> does
>>>> provide a context which could be used to select the "ano teleia"
>>>> appearance
>>>> and properties (unless you tell me that the character appears in Greek
>>>> surrounded by non-Greek alphabet characters).
>>> And even this basic rule will be defeated in maths formulas where the
>>> MIDDLE DOT 00B7 has been used as a common multiplication operator, along
>>> with numbers and variables named after Greek letter. Of course Unicode has
>>> now distinctive symbols for maths, but that's another story.
>> RIght, because 22C5 exists for that purpose.
> But still, all the other related symbols are multipurpose and cannot
> be fixed. They are still usable including in maths contexts, even if
> their rendering is not always adequate for maths (where they may
> become confusable).
> But still these other characters should not need to take maths into
> consideration, so the MIDDLE DOT 00B7 should still behave correctly in
> Catalan as a diacritic and as a punctuation, and should remain:
> - between the middle of the M-height and the middle of the x-hieight
> (for correct display after l/L, or as a punctuation);
> - but not on the middle of the math line like 22C5 (along with the
> mathematic MINUS sign and the PLUS sign, the same center used as well
> for the x-shaped multiplication sign, the division sign... all these
> maths symbols having more strict presentation constraints).
Nothing prevents a mathematical layout program from fine tuning the
display of 00B7 if used as a raised decimal point. (see other post).

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