SignWriting (was: Encoding localizable sentences)

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 11:39:53 -0700

> sign-writing
SignWriting is also difficult to write.

> naturelly evolved
I will be very curious to see the result after a bit of evolution (I
hope there will be some), with a system that can actually be written
easily by hand (or at least input quickly with the right input method)
and that is suitable for the representation of a sequence of gestural
phonemes, like how (some) orthographies are suitable for the
representation of oral phonemes.

I suppose the fact that systems of sign writing are all designed as
heavily iconic and inefficient (as far as writing is concerned)
"encodings" tells us something about the genesis of writing systems.
Because, we've seen that before :-) It might have to do with the level
of abstraction one would want to expect of new adopters of a system and
with the fact that there are usually more writers than readers.

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