Re: SignWriting (was: Encoding localizable sentences)

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 23:44:36 +0200

2013/4/21 Stephan Stiller <>

> sign-writing
> SignWriting is also difficult to write.
Not necessarily more than those that learn writing Chinese. It appears
difficult to those that don't know sign languages. But for the others, yes
it requires training, just like those that learn to read and write any oral
language of the world (we call this ability "litteracy").

Don't forget the purpose of this script : not just communicate in a written
form but also help learning the sign languages themselves. And it's
certanily more economic than storing and sending videos, that are also
highly dependant on encoding and rendering technologies.
But if technologies are available, it will be easy to render them
correctly, or to convert it into an animated person showing the actual
signs (not more complicated than decoding and rendering a video. The same
technogies will also allow converting them (based on dictionaries) to
sequences of words representing the oral language (but most probably the
encoded sign-writing would be sent along with a transcription of the
associated oral language)
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