Re: Bug?: Not able to type పయోఽంబు.... (Telugu)

From: James Cloos <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 2013 14:22:59 -0400

>>>>> "SS" == Shriramana Sharma <> writes:

JC>> Further testing showed that pango and harfbuzz get it right when using
JC>> the font Pothana2000, and fail with every other font I have to test.

SS> Is it because Pothana doesn't have the dotted circle glyph?

I presume Pango would have fallen back to another font in that case,
as it does for the । character.

Pothana has a dotted circle as its .notdef glyph. Vamana, from the same
project, also does; pg and hb show a dottet circle when using vamana.

Perhaps pothana has a ligature? I haven't yet searched through the GSUB
table to determine that; I first have to learn the Telugu character names
so that I know what I'm looking for.


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