RE: Suggestion for new dingbats/symbols

From: Michel Suignard <>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 16:57:06 +0000

You could do us a great favor by looking at what is already in the pipeline for Unicode 7.0 and is part of amendment 1 and 2 to 10646 documented as such in the 2012 UTC registry (373 and 374). Those includes many new symbols, including most of what you are looking for. Amendment 1 is already published (thus frozen) and Amendment 2 went through its last technical ballot and will be definitively frozen in June.


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I really think dingbats/icons are a great form of communication.

For example, how about the "floppy disk" icon? Younger people don't even know what a floppy disk is, but they know, in computing, it means "save".

And what about emoticons? An unique way to communicate, understandable by everyone.

Nowadays, in computing, especially on the internet, icons-only fonts are really popular.

Sadly, people use to assign these icons/glyphs in the private use area, because they think unicode is not good enough to map all of their icons.

So, I think more should be done. Many icons are already in the unicode charts, and this is awesome, but some very common ones are missing.

For example, what about the "shopping cart" icon? Or the "trash bin"
icon? Or also the symbol of "chat/discussion" (two speech ballons) ?

What do you think?

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