Re: writing in an alphabet with fewer letters: letter replacements

From: Martin J. Dürst <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2013 17:45:31 +0900

On 2013/07/05 17:25, Stephan Stiller wrote:

> What I had in mind was more specific: Germans are supposed to convert
> [ä,ö,ü,ß] to [ae,oe,ue,ss], though I don't know what's considered
> best/legal wrt documents required for entering the US, for example.

I have always used Duerst on plane tickets and the like. On the customs
form that you have to fill in when entering the US (the green one), I
always just write Dürst; paper is patient. I have added Durst as an
additional alternate spelling on a long-term visa application form once,
just in case.

My impression is that US customs officials are either quite
knowledgeable or quite tolerant on such issues (or a mixture of both).
The same applies to customs officials in other countries I have traveled
to, and other people at airports and such. I guess they get used to
these cases quite quickly, seeing so many passports each day.

Regards, Martin.
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