Re: Ways to show Unicode contents on Windows?

From: Christopher Fynn <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 10:41:12 +0600


I'm wondering how do you change the fonts selected by the built-in
font fall back in various versions of Windows? I've found that the
rendering for certain scripts is less than ideal with some of these
fonts. Also the fallback font sometimes overides the font selected by
the user in Office and other applications even when the selected font
is available.

The only way round this that I've found is to remove the offending
fallback font from the system (not always easy)

- Chris

On 11/07/2013, Peter Constable <> wrote:
> For simple scripts that do not require shaping that are not yet supported,
> if you have the font and can select the font in your app, then text in those
> scripts can be displayed. Of course, we don't have built-in font fallback
> for such scripts.
> Peter
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