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Asmus Freytag <> wrote:
 |On 7/30/2013 12:26 PM, Doug Ewell wrote:
 |> Buck Golemon <buck at yelp dot com> replied to Richard Wordingham
 |> <richard dot wordingham at ntlworld dot com>:
 |>>>> There are no Unicode code pages.
 |>>> Just to be pedantic, there are several on Windows. They encode the
 |>>> coding form (Unicode codes being best thought of as an assignment of
 |> Most Windows .NET developers who are concerned about proper character
 |> handling would know this information existed, though they might not have
 |> the numbers memorized.
 |> Jukka was right, though: Unicode itself does not have code pages.
 |> Rather, at least one vendor has defined some of the Unicode encoding
 |> schemes as if they were code pages. A code page is not, in general, the
 |> same as an encoding scheme.
 |What is, then, the proper definition of a "code page"?
 |When Unicode was first introduced, it was seen as the one thing that
 |wasn't a "code page", because the way the Win32 API associated one of
 |the traditional code pages with Unicode (giving rise the "A" and "W"
 |versions of all the APIs).
 |Later, it was realized that in order to specify what encoding data were
 |in or, for example, to specify a conversion from UTF-7 and UTF-8 to
 |UTF-16 (native encoding scheme) one needed some suitable ID number to
 |identify the mapping. Well, extending the code page id was the most
 |natural way to do that, because, on several platforms, the use of a
 |numerical ID from the IBM code page registry was established practice.

IANA however records „MIBenum“ values for that purpose:

  The MIBenum value is a unique value for use in MIBs to identify
  coded character sets.

See [1] (but also RFC 2278, section 3.7).

  [1] <>

MIB enums values:

    0 - 2
  Set By Standards Organizations
    3 - 999
  Unicode / ISO 10646
    1000 - 1999
    2000 - 2999


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