Re: Unicode code page and ☃.net

From: James Lin <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 13:50:19 -0700

If you open the Windows character Map, "Segoe UI" doesn't contain the
snowman while font Meiryo has. So it's just probably the font support for
a particular glyph.


On 7/29/13 9:29 PM, "Jukka K. Korpela" <> wrote:

>2013-07-30 4:03, Buck Golemon wrote:
>> Also, some browsers have odd support for rendering unicode (non-ascii)
>> urls, for "security" reasons.
>> Both chrome and firefox under Windows 7 render
>> <> as which is the ascii
>> domain encoding (called punycode or idna) of the snowman unicode
>That’s something that happens after the user has pressed the Enter key
>to visit the page.
>If you just cut and paste the URL into the address box, the SNOWMAN
>character should be visible there, provided that the system has a font
>containing it. Windows 7 ships with Segoe UI Symbol version 5, which
>contains SNOWMAN. And ☃ appears when I cut and past
>into the address box of IE, Firefox, or Chrome.
>So I can’t tell why it is empty (no character? a space? an empty
>rectangle?) in some situation. Theoretically at least, it is possible
>that the system contains a faulty font that has a glyph for SNOWMAN but
>the glyph is empty.
>What happens when the user presses the Enter key is a story at a
>different protocol level.
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