Re: polytonic Greek: diacritics above long vowels ᾱ, ῑ, ῡ

From: Charlie Ruland ☘ <>
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2013 04:13:28 +0200

> This is a non-sequitur; why would they for Modern Greek (Dimotiki),...

> Most of the polytonic precomposed vowels are in the auxiliary
> exemplars for Modern Greek.

Please bear in mind that polytonic vowels ARE used in the language
called Modern Greek. The ISO 639 standards define all of "el", "gre" and
"ell" as "Modern Greek (1453-)" — other sources argue that it is more
reasonable not to speak of Modern Greek before 1600 — whereas the
official switch to monotonic orthography took place as late as April
1982. Very occasionally contemporary writers still prefer the polytonic
system they were brought up with.

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