Re: Why blackletter letters?

From: Charlie Ruland ☘ <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 14:46:36 +0200

Even though this is slightly off-topic:

Thanks a bunch, Gerrit, for the latest versions of UnifrakturMaguntia,
UnifrakturCook-Regular and UnifrakturCook. I have dealt with hundreds
and maybe thousands of fonts, yet these are the only truly Unicode
compatible blackletter fonts I’ve seen so far and they are even suitable
for body text („als Brotschrift“).

Don’t users ask for reduced-size versions for web embedding in other
file formats?


Am 11. September 2013 um 12 Uhr 39 MESZ schrieb Gerrit Ansmann:
> [...] I have been aiming at creating a blackletter font
> ( that is able to
> reproduce everything that has ever been printed with Fraktur. So far,
> I have not encountered anything that cannot be realised with Unicode¹.
> If you know of any such thing, I would be very interested in it. [...]
> As already mentioned, I am working on a Fraktur font
> (, which to my
> knowledge can be used to reproduce any historical Fraktur text. If you
> use it to render a modern text, there are no “miserable failures”
> happening. You will have some unusual ligatures (ch, ck and tz) but
> there is no rule against this (and most readers will not even notice,
> just like they do not notice ligatures in Antiqua scripts). [...]
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