RE: Posting Links to Ballots (was: RE: Why blackletter letters?)

From: Michel Suignard <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 21:47:24 +0000

Just to add a tiny bit to the very good explanation by Ken, the draft for the ballot texts are sometimes also included in the Unicode registry. ISO adds some head pages but otherwise the content is the same as the official ISO documents. There are always in the WG2 web site which is not protected but it takes a bit more effort to find them there. The advantage over the draft repertoire is that they show additions in context of existing characters (when applicable). But you lose the references to the original proposals mentioned by Debbie. So you need both versions, the draft repertoire to have these references, and the ballot text to have new characters in context.

Ken gave you the scoop about the new ISO process. Because it is going to annoy not just the individual experts, but also many voting country representatives I will probably encourage UTC to post more draft ballot documents as long as we are not in conflict with ISO policies.

(having my 10646 project editor hat for a moment)
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