Re: Henry Luce Foundation Grant to Unicode in Support of Encoding Tangut

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Lisa Moore <> wrote:
 |Actually, it is point of fact. The Unicode Consortium was incorporated in
 |1991 as a "not for profit 501 c (6)". In 2012, the US and State tax
 |bodies approved our becoming a "not for profit 501 c (3)". That change
 |means that donations to the Consortium are tax-deductible in the United

Ach! Taxes are *so* boring! Especially if you don't pay them.

(Ok, things are different in Germany, because you pay and there are
still no kindergardens, schools, public swimming baths, public
libraries, proper health care and autobahns and all the other
fantastic things that distant foreign countries lands like
Denmark, Sweden and possibly even, aeh, France do have because of
taxes, so it is understandable that my fellow-countrymen arrange
financial transactions.)

 |States to the extent permitted by law. Please see our website:

Uh, law! I'm sorry but i'm with David Bowie here. Except for
a single sentence i've seen live on TV; Jutta Limbach, at that
time President of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany,
the opinion of the court, in perfect German and with references
back into the 18th centure if i recall correctly. And who else
should have done it, if not a cultured woman?

 |We have always been a not-for-profit organization.

mumble mumble i appreciate your work so much.
Thanks a lot!

 |Lisa Moore
 |Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
 |The Unicode Consortium

@Michel Suignard: na na na na na! I got a private answer!!

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