Re: Henry Luce Foundation Grant to Unicode in Support of Encoding Tangut

From: Asmus Freytag <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 08:59:11 -0700

I seems this post is a bit inappropriate for this forum in its content
and given its rather bizarre immaturity of interaction with other
member, seems altogether more fitting for a kindergarten playground in .
It would be nice if such posts could be kept off this list.


On 9/17/2013 8:15 AM, Steffen Daode Nurpmeso wrote:
> Lisa Moore <> wrote:
> |Steffen,
> |
> |Actually, it is point of fact. The Unicode Consortium was incorporated in
> |1991 as a "not for profit 501 c (6)". In 2012, the US and State tax
> |bodies approved our becoming a "not for profit 501 c (3)". That change
> |means that donations to the Consortium are tax-deductible in the United
> Ach! Taxes are *so* boring! Especially if you don't pay them.
> (Ok, things are different in Germany, because you pay and there are
> still no kindergardens, schools, public swimming baths, public
> libraries, proper health care and autobahns and all the other
> fantastic things that distant foreign countries lands like
> Denmark, Sweden and possibly even, aeh, France do have because of
> taxes, so it is understandable that my fellow-countrymen arrange
> financial transactions.)
> |States to the extent permitted by law. Please see our website:
> Uh, law! I'm sorry but i'm with David Bowie here. Except for
> a single sentence i've seen live on TV; Jutta Limbach, at that
> time President of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany,
> the opinion of the court, in perfect German and with references
> back into the 18th centure if i recall correctly. And who else
> should have done it, if not a cultured woman?
> |
> |
> |We have always been a not-for-profit organization.
> mumble mumble i appreciate your work so much.
> Thanks a lot!
> |Lisa Moore
> |Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
> |The Unicode Consortium
> @Michel Suignard: na na na na na! I got a private answer!!
> --steffen
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