Re: letters that "complete the rectangle" in Indic scripts

From: Shriramana Sharma <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 07:34:22 +0530

On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 3:50 AM, Stephan Stiller
<> wrote:
> I have been told that Devanagari contains letters (or a letter) that were
> invented merely to complete the rectangular C-V table; not sure to what
> extent they (or it) were used subsequently.

In which reference is this mentioned?

> tells me about the letter ॡ (signifying "ḹ", I assume this means a syllabic
> long "l"). Are there other examples? What about other Indic scripts?

I have never heard of "letters" in the sense of individual graphemes
invented purely to complete a table. The "letter" ॡ and its
equivalents in other Indic scripts are (only) used in certain mantra-s
but only as independent vowels and followed by an anusvara.

Since the vowel is not part of the Sanskrit/other Indic *language*
content, you would not see natural (in the sense of "can occur in
words") syllables involving the vowel and syllables like कॣ खॣ गॣ etc
would be purely artificial.
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