Re: Dotted Circle plus Combining Mark as Text

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 01:41:12 +0200

Is there standard way in Unicode to specify tht one wants to display
a combining
mark in isolation ? Which leading charcter should be used (that should not
display by itself but would force the separation from the previaous
context) which can also act as valid leader in combining sequences, and
would resist to bidi reordering (it should be neutral), and have null collation
by itself ?

Then it would be discarded by renderers, and it would know tht the
combining mark must appear with its "ill-form", i.e. it would activate the
lookup of U+25CC (in legcy fonts) or the new feature tht will select the a
ppropriate form with its best default placeholder with the best metrics ?

I would suggest a name for this OpenType feature "ilfm" (for ill-formed marks),
distinct from "isol" already used for isolated base letters. This feature
would map combining mrks (or ranges of combining marks) directly to
the approprite
glyph (possibly built as a composite glyph using common base glyph and the
glyph of the combining mark itself with correct positioning).

2013/10/21 Andrew Cunningham <>

> I suspect it is a font issue, rather than a renderer issue, but then using
> a dotted circle is a convention used in the unicode charts and in the
> unicode spec. It is not a combination I'd expect a font developer from SE
> Asia to necessarily support.
> Since publications in SE Asia have their own typographic conventions for
> displaying isolated combining marks.
> Andrew
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