Re: The Ruble sign has been approved

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 18:29:06 +0100

In my opinion, this is going too far for the UTC. Such guidance can only
come from Russian authorities for the application of its law, where it is
relevant to apply it. Even for the Euro, there's ample variations allowed
in Unicode, that does not affect conformance, even if there may be further
restrictions on them in specific contexts.

We are out of scope of TUS, unless there's a clear standard coming from law
or from a national standard body, defining a clear context of use where a
more precise shape design would be normatively used (and should then be
present in fonts in one of the implemented variants).

2013/12/12 William_J_G Overington <>

> Michael Everson <> wrote:
> > Iím already on it.
> Excellent.
> Would it be possible please for encoding to include specific official
> guidance, going back to a source with provenance, as to whether a glyph for
> the symbol in a serif font should or should not have serifs?
> William Overington
> 12 December 2013
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