Feedback requested for Unicode 7.0

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Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 12:54:30 -0800

Unicode 7.0 is slated to be released early in 2014Q3. Now is your
opportunity to comment on the contents of this release.

The text of the Unicode Standard Annexes (segmentation, normalization,
line breaking, identifiers, etc.) is open for comments and feedback,
with proposed update versions for many of the documents posted at UAX
Proposed Updates
<>. Changes for
the text of the annexes is relatively minor for Unicode 7.0, but the
documents could still benefit from careful review. For some of the
annexes, no proposed update version is posted, because there is no
planned change to the content other than a nominal change to the version
numbering. In such cases, feedback provided on the existing, published
Unicode Standard Annex is still welcome, and will be taken into
consideration by the Unicode Technical Committee before the release of
Unicode 7.0.

Feedback on the Unicode Standard Annexes for Unicode 7.0 should be
submitted by April 28, 2014, for review at the Unicode Technical
Committee meeting in May.

Other planned changes for Unicode 7.0 include a large number of
additions to the character repertoire and corresponding updates to the
Unicode character properties. An announcement will be sent soon, when
the beta version of the Unicode Character Database for Unicode 7.0 is
available for comment.

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