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Proposed Updates
for Unicode Standard Annexes

This page lists the proposed update draft documents of any Unicode Standard Annexes currently under review for the next version of the Unicode Standard.

If a link to a document is active, it points to the latest draft of the Proposed Update for that Unicode Standard Annex. If no link is active, then there is no current Proposed Update draft posted for review.

Proposed Updates for Version 13.0
UAX 9 Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
UAX 11 East Asian Width
UAX 14 Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm
UAX 15 Unicode Normalization Forms
UAX 24 Unicode Script Property
UAX 29 Unicode Text Segmentation
UAX 31 Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax
UAX 34 Unicode Named Character Sequences
UAX 38 Unicode Han Database (Unihan)
UAX 41 Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes
UAX 42 Unicode Character Database in XML
UAX 44 Unicode Character Database
UAX 45 U-Source Ideographs
UAX 50 Unicode Vertical Text Layout

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