Unicode organization is still anti-Serbian and anti-Macedonian

From: Крушевљанин <Perka_at_muchomail.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 02:37:19 -0800

There is still problem with letters бгдпт in italic, and б in regular mode.

OpenType support is still very weak (Firefox, LibreOffice on Linux, Adobe's software and that's it, practically). It's also disappointing that Microsoft is still incapable to implement and force this support on system level.

Also, there are Serbian/Macedonian cyrillic vowels with accents (total: 7 types × 6 possible letters = 42 combinations) where majority of them don't exist precomposed, and is impossible to enter them. A lot of nowadays' fonts (even commercial) still have issues with accents.

In Unicode, Latin scripts are always favored, which is simply not fair to the rest of the world. They have space to put glyphs for dominoes, a lot of dead languages etc. but they don't have space for real-world issues.

I want Unicode organization to change their politics and pay attention to small countries like Serbia and Macedonia. We have real-world problems. Thank you.

If you think these are biases of me, I say — real-world problem for us.
If you think changes would invalidate existing texts, I say — no, because *real* Serbian/Macedonian support still doesn't exist! And we can develop converters in the future, so I don't see any "huge cost" problems...

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