Re: Pali in Thai Script

From: Sittipon Simasanti <>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 09:34:51 +0700

> Those descriptions confused me - the black dot means 'voiced and not
> aspirated', and the white dot means 'voiced and aspirated'.

Sorry for that, you are right, the picture doesn't represent the entire table so it might be confusing.
Here's the entire one:

Only red and green columns have extra black and white dots.
The rest of them are normal Thai characters.

> If your scheme has sufficient success, each combination of base letter
> and diacritic may well be encoded as a separate letter because the
> position of the diacritic is not obvious. I presume we're looking at no
> more than about 12 new characters - DO CHADA WITH BLACK DOT is an
> obvious competitor to THO NANGMONTHO WITH BLACK DOT.

Yes, 10 characters.

> I'm disappointed you found that simply adding a black dot for the
> voiced consonants didn't work. If it had worked, then we might
> have argued that this was just a font variation.

Please, see the previous email.

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