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From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 20:25:37 +0200

2014-07-06 3:39 GMT+02:00 Richard BUDELBERGER <>:

> >
> Il a parlé, il a écrit, il a marché, il a vu, شاف ,مشى ,كتب ,كلم.

Note: the three comma-separated items, if they are just separated by the
comma (in that example it is handwritten, but it is the European comma, not
the arabic comma) should use bidi-embedding controls (or <bdi
dir="rtl">...</bdi> in HTML, with browsers that use "unicode-direction" CSS
style for the isolation mode, or using your own CSS stylesheet for the
selector "bdi[dir=rtl] {...}", or en explicit style="" attribute) to avoid
their reordering if you intend to have them in the same order as printed.

Ad the list is part of a paragraph and sentence in French, I don't think it
is appropriate to leave the three Arabic words untagged (if you use <bdi
dir="rtl">, your should probably add the lang="ar" attribute in it), and
you need three separate tags, leaving the commas (and the final dot of the
sentence) outside of them.

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