Re: Discrepancies between kTotalStrokes and kRSUnicode in the Unihan database

From: John Armstrong <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2014 16:16:41 -0400

Thanks for the comments Andrew. When I wrote up my second example I was not
yet thinking of the complicating factor of the coexistence 3- and 4-stroke
variants of Radical #140 'grass' in top position. #140 is not the main
radical in the example but it is the radical of the "phonetic", and if the
glyph used to determine kTotalStrokes had the 4-stroke ("broken") form
instead of the three stroke one which it had in all the forms I looked at,
the example would be a case of a discrepancy due to a variation in radical
stroke count (albeit it within the residual portion of a larger character).
I'll keep this case in mind as I go forward.

I will also keep in mind that the counts for characters in the standard may
be based on different glyphs than the ones that appear in current printings
and electronic displays of the items. The fact that the creators and
maintainers of the standard itself get tripped up in this way shows how
fragile unification can be.

-- John


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