Re: Chess symbol glyphs in code charts

From: Asmus Freytag (t) <>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 17:43:57 -0700
On 8/14/2015 1:26 PM, Garth Wallace wrote:
Would it be acceptable if I extracted the font from the code chart PDF

Extraction of chart font is never acceptable and violates the Terms of Use. No exceptions.

and used it as the basis for one in a proposal I'm working on?

For a proposal you can use any font that you have rights to.
proposal covers rotated and half-black half-white chess symbols, which
should match the shapes of the existing ones, and compound symbols,
which should harmonize.

Just state what the intent is, and I'm sure the details of what the actual glyphs will be that go into future charts can be worked out.


On Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 11:50 AM, Ken Whistler <> wrote:

The glyphs for the chess symbols in the 26XX block date from
Unicode 3.0. Most of the symbols redesigned for the Unicode 3.0
charts were done by John M. Fiscella. (See the font acknowledgements
on p. iv of Unicode 3.0.) I do not know which predecessor designs
Fiscella might ultimately have based his designs on.

The *actual* font used in the chart production is some in house
chart font, possibly tweaked over the years for various specific
glyphs, although it doesn't appear to me on first inspection that
any of the chess symbol glyphs per se have had any workover since the
Unicode 3.0 publication. The chart fonts are in house, used with
special licenses specific to Unicode chart production, and with all
sorts of chart-specific quirks. So even if I did attempt to track down
specifically which font was involved for the current Unicode 26XX
block for the 2654..265F range of glyphs, knowing that wouldn't
actually help much for your question, I think.


On 8/14/2015 11:31 AM, Garth Wallace wrote:
Can anyone tell me what font is used for the chess symbols in the code
chart for the Miscellaneous Symbols block? It looks a lot like Chess
Merida but I can't be certain.



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