Re: Dark beer emoji

From: Andrew West <>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2015 23:37:31 +0100

On 1 September 2015 at 17:37, Doug Ewell <> wrote:
> As an alternative to this proposal that may provide more flexibility, I
> propose adapting the Fitzpatrick skin-tone modifiers from U+1F3FB to
> U+1F3FF to be valid for use following U+1F37A BEER MUG or U+1F37B
> This could be done by establishing a normative correlation between the
> Fitzpatrick scale and the Standard Reference Method (SRM), Lovibond,
> and/or European Brewery Convention (EBC) beer color scales
> <>.
> This mechanism would allow the entire spectrum of beer styles to be
> depicted, instead of dividing beers arbitrarily into "light" and "dark,"
> in the same way (and for the same reason) that Unicode already supports
> a variety of skin tones.
> For example, a Budweiser or similar lager could be represented as
> 🍺🏻 <1F37A, 1F3FB>, while a Newcastle Brown Ale might be 🍺🏽
> <1F37A, 1F3FD>. U+1F3FF could denote imperial stout or Baltic porter.
> There might be a need to encode an additional "Type 0" color modifier to
> extend the "light" end of the scale, such as for non-alcoholic brews, or
> for Coors Light.

Yet more blatant anti-ginger discrimination. Yet another reason to
encode a ginger emoji modifier at the earliest opportunity (see, which
could then be applied to U+1F37A BEER MUG in order to depict ginger

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