Re: Unicode in passwords

From: Andre Schappo <>
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015 12:56:48 +0000

On 1 Oct 2015, at 08:33, Richard Wordingham wrote:
> Even ASCII can have problems. A password containing '#' and '|' can't
> be entered when a physical US keyboard (102 keys) is interpreted using
> a mapping for a British keyboard (103 keys). (There seem to be
> different conventions as to which key is missing.)

I used to have a # in one of my passwords. It used to be fun finding where the # key was on a computer's default pre-login keyboard mapping which frequently did not match what was printed on the physical keys. I became quite adept at it and it certainly made for a more secure password because of the challenge of finding # on the keyboard.

I, personally, would really like to have a non-ascii unicode password. I would when choosing a non-ascii unicode password test to make sure I could enter it on all the devices I use.

Andr Schappo
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