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Date: Sat, 03 Oct 2015 20:24:29 +0200

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> Sean Leonard wrote:
>> What I understand is that Draft 1 got shot down because it was at
>> variance with the nascent Unicode effort;
> If I remember correctly, Draft 1 looked a lot like an updated and
> expanded version of ISO 2022, much more than it did like today's
> Unicode/10646.

Rob Pike, Ken Thompson
Hello World

The draft of ISO 10646 was not very attractive to us. It defined a
sparse set of 32-bit characters, which would be hard to implement and
have punitive storage requirements. Also, the draft attempted to
mollify national interests by allocating 16-bit subspaces to national
committees to partition individually. The suggested mode of use was to
‘‘flip’’ between separate national standards to implement the
international standard.



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