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[Croissant Emoji Image]New information about emoji is available on The
Unicode Consortium website <>, including the

Emoji Candidates <>
--- The comprehensive list of all 67 emoji candidate emoji characters
that have been accepted by the UTC (Unicode Technical Committee) as
candidates, but are not yet added to the Unicode Standard.

Emoji Resources <> ---
External resources with useful information about Emoji.

In addition, the Emoji charts
<> have been refreshed with
new emoji images and two reformatted pages from UTR#51
<>. Most of the new images are from
Apple's September 2015 releases (OS X 10.11 and iOS 9.0), mainly
additional flag emoji.

Emoji Recently Added
<> --- the emoji
characters mostly recently added to the Unicode Standard.

Emoji ZWJ Sequences
<> --- a catalog
of /emoji zwj sequences/ that are supported on at least one commonly
available platform.

Media Articles on Emoji <> has also
been updated.

The UTC will be meeting the first week of November, and on the agenda
will be additional emoji recommendations from the Emoji Subcommittee.

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