AW: Unicode in the Curriculum?

From: Dreiheller, Albrecht <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 13:22:53 +0000

From: Unicode [] Im Auftrag von Shawn Steele
Date: Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016 00:27
To: Asmus Freytag (t);
Subject: RE: Unicode in the Curriculum?

Then it should be UTF-8. Learning to do something in a non-Unicode code page and then redoing it for UTF-8 or UTF-16 merely leads to conversion problems, incompatibilities, and other nonsense.

If someone “needs” to not use UTF-16 for whatever reason, then they should use UTF-8. The “advanced” training should be the other non-Unicode code pages.

Teach them right the first time. They’ll never use a code page.


They'll never use a code page for encoding, I agree, but …

When setting up a requirement specification for a font manufacturer for a new font for Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Japanese or Korean,
there is no easy way to define the character repertoire without refering to the code pages like GB2312, Big-5, JIS, etc.


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